What is Par-K-Slim Herbal Weightloss?

WPar-K-Slim Herbal Weightlosshat is Par-K-Slim Herbal Weightloss???

Par-K-Slim Herbal Weightloss  product produced by New Body and is a 100% herbal formula which comes in vegicap.

Par-K-Slim was created to help you lose weight “naturally” rather than using chemicals and surgeries.  Par-K-Slim –

  • promotes weightloss
  • rehabilitates and increases sluggish metabolism
  • cleanses the digestive system
  • lowers the desire to eat , and
  • provides multinutritional herbs

Par-K-Slim Herbal Weightloss is perfectly balanced so that good  health harmony is restored in your body as you trim away unwanted pounds.

Par-K-Slim is beneficial for obesity, acne, boils, skin problems, constipation, and clensing the kidney spleen, liver and blood.

The all natural weightloss product consists of the following natural herbs:

Irish Moss Chickweed Uva Ursi
Mullein Cascara Sagarda Chaparral
Kelp Eucalyptus Chamomile
Aloe Vera Resin  Dandilion Root Alfalfa
Fenugreek Capsicum  Valerian Root

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