How to Use Par-K-Slim Herbal Weightloss

Par-K-Slim Herbal WeightlossHow To Use Par-K-Slim Herbal Weightloss?

Par-K-Slim Herbal Weightloss comes in capsule form.  The daily dosage is 1-2 tables daily taken with a meal or with a glass of water.  It is recommended that you start by taking one capsule in the morning initially and add a second capsule in the afternoon based on your body needs after the first week of use.

Be reminded that maximum weightloss cannot be found in any capsule but only achieved with a balanced healthy meal plan and moderate exercise.  Par-K-Slim will aid in achieving quick weightloss by cleansing your system of buildup and toxins,  increasing your metabolism and lowering your appetite and desire for unhealthy foods.