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When is it time to detox?

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Toxins from internal sources and external sources are accumulated in our bodies. Some of the external sources of toxins include air pollution, cigarette smoke, pesticides, makeup and detergents. … [Read More...]

What is CKLS?

The New Body CKLS is a 100% herbal formula which comes in vegicap and was created to stop and eliminate all problems of the colon, kidneys, liver, spleen and other organs where toxins can build up.

CKLS may improve your health and add years to your life by cleansing your colon, kidney, liver, and spleen, and promoting weightloss by removing toxins and poisons from your body.

CKLS consists of a combination of the following natural herbs:

■   Aloe Vera Resin  
■   Chamomile  
■   Mullein  
■   Cascara Sagarda

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Buy CKLS Now!